Decision Makers

Listed on this page are those who control the day-to-day operations of FCTA. 

FCTA Leadership Team

The FCTA Leadership Team is made up of the four management professionals who determine the path of FCTA. 



* Kenney Etherton, Executive Director

* Paul Maxwell, Assistant Director

* Chris Brown, Building and Grounds Maintenance Supervisor

Chris Brown Plaque2.jpg
FCTA Board of Directors

The board primarily meets once a month traditionally on the third Thursday of each month except for November and December. Those meetings are held by special call if needed. The board considers issues and overall policy decisions and provides oversight for the agency.

Board Members

* David Moss, Chairperson

* Lew Jetton, Vice Chairperson

* Kenney Etherton, Secretary/Treasurer

* Sandy Bellew

* Mike Gunn

* Garrett Hutchins

* Barbara McIntee

* Carol Parker

* Jessie Webb