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Paul Maxwell was named FCTA Executive Director on May 19. 

Maxwell was first employed by FCTA when he was hired on May 4, 2004, to serve as Operations Manager.     He was promoted to Executive Director on April 10, 2005, and he supervised the construction of the current office building at FCTA in 2007. Also in 2007, Maxwell was named Kentucky Transit Director of the Year and FCTA was named Outstanding Transit Facility of the Year.

New Executive Director named

A longtime Fulton County Transit Authority employee has received a promotion and changed titles. Paul Maxwell, who has served as FCTA Assistant Director since April 2021, was named as the new Executive Director by the FCTA Board of Directors during their May meeting Thursday, May 19.

Maxwell replaces former FCTA Executive Director Kenney Etherton who retired on April 15, 2022, after 38 years in public service.

Not surprisingly, Maxwell is very excited about his new role at the agency that proudly serves Fulton, Hickman, Graves, and Carlisle counties.

“I’m excited about where we are now, but even more excited about where we are going,” Maxwell said less than an hour after officially receiving the promotion in . “We are hosting a groundbreaking for our FCTA Office Complex next Wednesday. We are also updating our technology here. I am looking forward to working with and visiting with the public in my new role.”

Maxwell was first employed by FCTA when he was hired on May 4, 2004, to serve as Operations Manager. He was promoted to Executive Director on April 10, 2005, and he supervised the construction of the current office building at FCTA in 2007. Also in 2007, Maxwell was named Kentucky Transit Director of the Year and FCTA was named Outstanding Transit Facility of the Year.

Maxwell left the agency to work for Pearson Safety Services in 2011 and stayed employed there until 2014. From 2014 until July 2016, Maxwell worked on the family farm operation.

On July 5, 2016, Maxwell returned to FCTA as HR/Safety Manager.

Most likely, FCTA is the only agency within the Commonwealth to have an OSHA Outreach Trainer on staff. Maxwell has earned certificates and received training from Georgia Tech University in OSHA 500 Construction; the University of Texas at Arlington in both OSHA 501 General Industry and OSHA 511 General Industry Outreach Trainer; Heart-Saver/BLS (Basic Life Saver) American Heart Association Trainer; Certified Safety and Security Officer; and has an Associate of Arts degree from John A. Gupton College.

Married to Stephanie Maxwell, they have two daughters and a son-in-law, Morgan and Ben Green and Macy Maxwell, and two grandchildren, McKinley Green and Rhett Green.


Snow promoted

 Fulton County Transit Authority Dispatcher/Call Taker Christy Snow was given new duties recently. The four-year veteran of the FCTA Dispatch Office was named Dispatch/Scheduling Supervisor by Executive Director Paul Maxwell prior to the weekly team meeting.

Snow, who marked her fourth year at FCTA in April 2022, earned the FCTA Executive Director’s Award from Kenney Etherton in 2019. In 2020, Snow was named FCTA Employee of the Year by her coworkers. During the 2021 Kentucky Public Transit Association Conference, Snow was named CSR of the Year – Outstanding Customer Service.

Snow worked daily throughout the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic to make certain the agency lived up to its motto of “Going & Coming Your Way.” A team player, Snow never hesitates to cover shifts and goes above and beyond for FCTA.

Born in Fulton, Snow is the daughter of Walter and Freda Boquette. A graduate of South Fulton High School, she has been married to Michael Snow for more than 30 years. They have three children: Elizabeth, Brandon, and Alayna. They also have two grandchildren, Jameson and Adalynn.

New HR/Safety official chosen

Fulton County Transit Authority has a new Human Resource Manager/Safety Director who is very familiar with how the agency works.

Kristin Bond, who has been Scheduler/Accounts Payable since July 29, 2021, joined the FCTA Management Team as Human Resource Manager/Safety Director on June 12.

“I’m ambitious and I needed the challenge,” Bond said shortly after learning she would take on the new role at FCTA. "I like working with people and I feel I can be utilized better in this job."

The daughter of Lisa McCord of Milburn, Bond grew up in the Clinton area and lived there until she completed elementary school. Her family moved to Murray and Bond graduated from Murray High School.

Bond has three children: Austin, 14; Gracie, 12; and Analiese, 10. She is engaged to Michael Grooms. They will wed in October.

Prior to working at FCTA, Bond was employed by the Hickman County School District.

“I moved to Fulton and wanted to work closer to home,” Bond explained.

fcta hr.jpg

Kristin Bond, who has been Scheduler/Accounts Payable since July 29, 2021, joined the FCTA Management Team in June. Bond grew up in the Clinton area before moving to Murray and graduating from Murray High School.


Ground broken for complex


Although the weather was damp, cloudy, and windy Wednesday morning, the optimism at Fulton County Transit Authority was very contagious as those in attendance were looking toward the bright future of the agency.

“We appreciate everybody who is here today for this groundbreaking,” said FCTA Executive Director Paul Maxwell during his first official duty. “We also appreciate the support and the guidance we receive from you.”

Following the invocation by the Rev. Jesse Webb, who is also a member of the FCTA Board of Directors, former FCTA Executive Director Kenney Etherton offered comments about the significance of the day.

“This has been a longtime project coming. We’ve worked hard with it,” Etherton said. “It was about 3½, 4 years ago when we started this project to add on to this complex. It’s a much-needed addition. I gladly handed it over to capable hands who probably has more construction knowledge than I do anyway with Paul Maxwell.”

Recognizing Paducah Area Transit System Executive Director Arthur Boykin who was in attendance and Murray-Calloway County Transit Agency as well, Etherton said, “This is going to be a great addition to the community here, the Transit world here, and the four counties this agency serves. We have good partners in the area, and we’ve always worked together.”

Slightly pausing, Etherton said one thing he wanted to talk about was dedicating the new facility to Mr. Sam Jones, a driver who worked at FCTA for 28 years.

“Sam passed away over a year ago,” Etherton explained. “I wish I could tell you how many miles Sam drove here and how many clients he picked up. Every day I expect to see him walk through that back door and have something to say in his normal tone of voice. I never heard him get loud; he was the same whether he was mad, happy, or sad. Sam was the same every day.”

Although Jones was a man of few words, Etherton added, he would always offer straightforward observations about the world around him.

“I can honestly say and very truthfully say I can’t think of a better person who has worked here over the years to dedicate this facility to,” Etherton said. “There will be a plaque put out here with his time served here and what he did for the Transit Authority.”

Barbara McIntee, Jones’ sister, is a member of the FCTA Board of Directors, but was unable to attend Wednesday’s groundbreaking.

“His family is very honored to have this facility named for Sam,” Etherton said. “I’ll say this, too, he was one of a kind and a great guy.”

Following Etherton’s remarks several people exclaimed, “It’s time to turn the dirt!” The board members in attendance, FCTA leaders, area leaders, and others involved in the office complex construction conducted the traditional portion of the event by literally putting shovels into the ground and turning some of the construction site soil over.

Those participating in the actual groundbreaking included FCTA Board Member Carol Ann Parker; Blaine Thompson-Beasley, Head Project Manager and Estimator at Evrard-Strang Construction; Stacey Courtney, Associate Director of Planning & Community Development at the Purchase Area Development District ; FCTA Board Member and KenTenn EMS Director Kevin Kelly; FCTA Board Member Rev. Jesse Webb; Fulton City Commissioner Cubb Stokes; FCTA Executive Director Paul Maxwell; Fulton-Hickman Counties Economic Development Partnership President Mark Welch; FCTA Interim Director and Special Project Manager Mark Davis; Former FCTA Executive Director Kenney Etherton; Paducah Area Transit System Executive Director Arthur Boykin; and FCTA Board Member and Fulton City Manager Mike Gunn.

Following the turning of the soil, Maxwell said, “Wow! If you look back at our very humble beginnings and where we are today, who would have thought it?”

Maxwell added that he believes FCTA’s business can be broken down into several parts.

“Number 1: We transport people. Number 2: We care about people. Number 3: We care about our employees. If it wasn’t for our employees we wouldn’t be where we are today,” Maxwell said. “And not necessarily in order, but lastly, I want to thank our board of directors. They have believed in our vision. They bought into it, and they have supported Kenney, and I know they are going to support me. We are so fortunate to have a good group like them.”

Careful to thank everyone who attended the groundbreaking, Maxwell also said, “I know it’s a ceremony. I know it’s symbolic, but I would say in the next week to 10 days you’re probably going to see some work here.”

Asking those in attendance if they had any remarks to add, FCTA Driver Mickey Brockway thanked the FCTA Board of Directors for all they have done for the agency’s employees.

“It was very nice,” Brockwell added before walking away from the microphone.


The new office complex should be completed by Spring 2023.